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CTFO announces Science Team using technology, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, successfully demonstrated a proprietary 10xPURETM nanoemulsion technology that renders previously insoluble xanthones soluble and more potent, when formulated, than any other mangosteen supplement ever brought to market.

From the moment you TWIST & MYSTTM XanthoMystTM into your mouth, you'll LOVE the way the tiny Nanoemulsion droplets are absorbed through the soft tissue of your mouth and into your body so fast there's very little to swallow.

CTFO is a health and wellness company located in Fairfield, California. The company was founded in 2015 by network marketers for network marketers. The founders couldn't find any other company that stacked the odds in favor of the Associates, not against them. So, they started CTFO in 2015 and chose to pay themselves the same way as everyone else, as Associates. That way, the maximum amount of commissions are always paid out, and that's why the products are the highest quality, the prices are the lowest in the industry, the qualifications are the easiest ever, and there are no gimmicks and no gotchas¹³.

CTFO provides tools to empower people in business, health and serving others; demonstrating the Good News with quality, integrity and generosity¹. The company has a mission to positively impact every aspect of your life:

- In Business: By offering an affordable, accessible opportunity with a generous pay plan and a simple roadmap for success.

- In Health: By promoting a healthy lifestyle; incorporating proper nutrition and quality products.

- In Serving Others: By creating a culture of organizational, personal and community development.

- In Quality: By providing products, customer service and associate support that actually work!

- In Integrity: By operating in an honest and trustworthy manner to our employees, associates and customers.

- In Generosity: By giving back a portion of our profits to those in need.

- In Demonstrating the Good News: By following God's Word, we operate in a life-giving and abundant environment, both corporately and individually¹.

CTFO is also known for its core values which include providing expanding entrepreneurial opportunity, providing quality consumable products, being a generous company - generous with charities, employees and associates. They desire prosperity for all those involved with CTFO at all levels. CTFO is a company with high integrity (as a corporate entity and as individuals)¹³.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 6/24/2023

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